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PRI, VPN, Leased Line & Data Center

Enterprise solutions are offered such as PRI / Leased Line/ Point to point /Toll free numbers /One office solutions/VPN and Data Centers to extend IT automation to every site regardless of size to increase productivity, serve customers better and to reduce inventory costs.


PRI is a digital trunk solution of 2mbps with 30 channels to offer an edge of efficient voice traffic management.

Dedicated Internet

Internet has become a critical requirement for enterprises and we offer dedicated internet services from 512 kbps onwards with SLA.

Leased Line

Leased lines are the traditional point to point dedicated TDM data circuit between different locations – National or International with a choice of bandwidths ranging from 64kbps to 155 Mbps and multiples.

Toll Free Number

It is a special telephone number which is free for calling party starting with 1800 and is offered to all size of organisation.


Virtual Private Network solutions are used to connect multi locations to transfer Data , Voice & Video through a safe network.

Data Center

Data Centre is a critical service for data hosting which can keep accommodating the multiplying business data and protect it without losing in any circumstances from disasters like Fire, Flood, Riot ,Earthquake …etc.

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