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Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Call center solutions are provided for both Inbound & Outbound with various reports & customization based on PC, Hard phones and soft phones. Auto dialers are used to dial out numbers and transfer all the matured calls to agents automatically to save the time and maximizes the efficiency of the agent. Welcome messages, IVRs, Call recording, CTI pop up, reports on agent activities are possible.

Inbound Working: The Call Center Solution automatically attends incoming calls directed from the ISDN PRI/PSTN line. Processes customer request and delivers information. On caller's request, transfers the call to agent for assistance. If all agent lines are busy, then the caller is kept on hold. The system transfers the call only after checking the line status. Agent picks up the call through SIP Phone and processes the request.

Outbound working: The Call Center Solution automatically dials a list of numbers and establishes the connection between the customer and the agent. The information is delivered to the customer by the agent. Agent has to attend only those calls that gets connected and routed through the Call Center Solution. Facility for Preview Dialing or Push to Dialing is available.

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